As a born extrovert  – much to the chagrin of her teachers – Aimee always preferred the distraction of conversing with others over doing her school work. For Aimee, hearing and asking questions about how people were making meaning of the experiences in their lives trumped any subject in school. With DNA laced in natural curiosity about people and the world around her, there was no doubt that Aimee had a passion for people and their stories. Throughout her life, friends, family members, coworkers, and even perfect strangers  have felt naturally attracted to Aimee. They have found in her a safe place to discuss their most intimate troubles and successes. 

She quickly began to realize the powerful transformations that took place when people were given a voice to share their story. She knew she wanted to be a witness to these experiences in people’s lives. This advocacy allowed others to increase self-awareness, discover their truths, and find their own transformation and healing.

Her pursuit of excellence in story-collecting naturally fed to her voracious appetite for higher-education. The academic and formal clinical experience deepened her passion and gave her a deeper understanding of her commitment to the power of conversation. Aimee graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy, but still secretly believes life-long learning is the ultimate university. She uses a client-centered approach to therapy, values the importance of really listening, and believes counseling should be as unique as you are.   

We are all living, breathing stories. What’s yours?

• • •

Aimee loves to read, dotes on her photographer husband, and fiercely believes in the power of change.